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Welcome to the Arkena Network Server Store

We are a network devoted to giving you high quality unique minecraft experiences that you've never seen before! We promise to keep purchase costs low and staff presence high. You can purchase with the peace of mind knowing that we pride ourselfs on making the players happy and providing a friendly server for you all to enjoy!

Payment Method - PayPal

We only accept PayPal payments. If you would like to make a purchase using your paypal balance, bank, credit, or debit card, please use PayPal and checkout as a guest if you do not have an account.


Having problems donating or haven't received your purchase?

Contact us at or send us a DM on Twitter @ArkenaMC if you require assistance.       Purchases can take up to 30 minutes to process and you must be online for the purchase to succeed.



  • Please make sure you have enough inventory space for your needed items as items are non-refundable.
  • Purchases can take up to 30 minutes to process.
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God Rank

56.25 USD

God Rank

Global Perks

  • God Rank Tag
  • 1000 Tokens

Hub Perks

All of our Hub Perks are always being changed and are purely cosmetic.

  • Plumber (mario) suit
  • Shaman Cloak
  • Creeper Astronaut Gadget
  • MobGun Gadget
  • Baker Suit
  • Mystical Cloak
  • BatLauncher Gadget
  • ExplosiveBow Gadget
  • Frog Suit
  • FireRing Cloak
  • ExplodingSheep Gadget
  • PaintBallGun Gadget
  • Disco Suit
  • VampireWings Cloak
  • PaintTrail Gadget
  • Cookie Fountain Gadget
  • Thor Suit
  • FIreWings Cloak
  • Rocket Gadget
  • PartyPopper Gadget
  • IceWalker Suit
  • Superhero Cloak
  • Diamond Shower Gadget
  • Gold Fountain Gadget

Survival Perks

  • $170,000 Money
  • 6 Player Vaults
  • /Kit God (See Ingame)
  • Instantly pass the free ranks
  • 10 /Homes
  • 3 Monthly Mythical Keys and 2 Legendary
  • Access to 50,000 Claim Blocks
  • Access to /pweather
  • Access to /clearinventory
  • Access to /hat
  • Access to /recipe
  • Access to /craft
  • Keep EXP on Death
  • Access to /ptime
  • Access to /afk
  • Access to /near
  • Access to /nick
  • Access to the Donator only Server!
  • Access to /back
  • Access to /enderchest
  • Access to /heal
  • Access to /fly
  • Access to /invsee
  • Access to /god
  • Access to /fix
  • Trails : All trails!

Prison Perks

  • 5 Rows in your Enderchest
  • Ability to use color codes on Signs
  • /Recipe (find the crafting recipe for any item)
  • $100,000,000 In game money
  • All trails!
  • 3 Mythical Keys and 2 Legendary Keys Monthly (/kit legendkeys)
  • /kit god (see Ingame)
  • Ability to use color codes in chat
  • Change the biome of your Plot! (/plot biome)
  • /Nick
  • Open your enderchest anywhere! (/enderchest)
  • Claim three plots!
  • Use Color Codes in your /Nickname
  • Put any block or item on your head! (/hat)
  • /FLY!
  • Play Music on your Plot (/plot music)
  • /Craft
  • /AFK
  • /Autosell - Sell blocks automatically without stopping mining or running any commands!
  • /SellAll - sell all your blocks and ores automatically!

Creative Perks

  • Permanant WorldEdit Perks you receive from Voting. These perks include: //copy , //cut , //flip , //paste, //rotate, //count, //center, //redo, //undo, //replace, //set, //hpos , //pos //wand
  • /Hat
  • You can set 8 Homes
  • Able to claim 10 Plots
  • /Tp - Teleport to anyone. You cannot tp to anyone who has access to /tptoggle, including staff.
  • /Nick
  • //Sphere - Create Spheres with WorldEdit!
  • //Cyl - Create Cylinders with WorldEdit!
  • /Speed (change your speed of fly)
  • /Ptime (change the time of day - only you can see the changes)
  • Ability to use color codes and format codes in your Nickname
  • Ability to put your Pet on your head!
  • /KittyCannon
  • Ride your Pet!
  • /Rename (Rename any item - colour codes supported)
  • /TPToggle - Stop players TP'ing or sending TPA's. Staff can override this.
  • Pets: All Pets
  • Trails: All Trails

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